50000?????9218! (10 off 50)
50000?????9346! (15 off 75)
50000?????9382! (20 off 100)
50000?????9388! (40 off 200)
50000?????9394! (60 off 400)
50000?????0151! (10% off)

The ? are random digits 0-9
The ! is a calculated check digit
I’m going to show you how to calculate the check digit.

I wanted to purchase something from lowes.com but all the promo codes I was able to find online were coming up as previously used. When I started to analyze the codes that I found online, I could clearly see that there were patterns and just a few of the numbers are different in each class of codes. If you try to change any of the different numbers you will quickly find that you most likely generated an invalid code. This is because

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